Banksy on Poundland

Gurt lush, innit?

Hello people.

This site is for my personal projects. At this very moment I’m working on a collection of short stories and trying to think of the best title.

I’m also gonna be sending the collection out to several friends who are writers and editors – I’ll tell you who I’ve sent it to when I’ve sent it out.

I’m only gonna send it when I feel like I can’t do any more work on it and I’m sick to fucking death of it. Which I almost am. But there are still a couple of stories trapped inside me, screaming and kicking their way out of my gut like an overdue baby full of rage and violence as if aware if its own deformity before it even breathes.

I’ll be paying for my writer/editor friends’ expert eyes and editing services before I unleash my grotesque baby to the world.

So far for the title of the collection I’m thinking Gurt Lush, Innit?

It’s my native Bristolian dialect and means sort of something like “fucking brilliant, don’t you think?”

Bristol’s a port city in the south west of England that was tragically built on the riches of the fucking slave trade. But the awesome fact that outweighs that abysmal, shameful truth is it also happens to be the home town of massive cultural icon Banksy.

Gurt lush, that fact, innit?

kissing coppers